A Guide to Choosing the Correct Golf Shoes


Golfers usually spend 4 to 5 hours per rounding standing on their feet while covering a distance of 4 to 5 miles. Using the correct golf shoes can be vital to lowering your scores and handicap. There are some tips below that can help you choose the correct golf shoes.

When picking out the correct golf shoes, there are some areas that we need to look at. Check out the guidelines below.

Fit is very important. If your golf shoes don’t fit, then you won’t be very happy. And spending money on expensive golf shoes is not equal to fitting. You may have a top branded golf shoes which makes everybody else envious of it, but if it does not fit properly then it can spoil your game. You will surely develop blisters that will soon be unbearable. So don’t make this mistake.

Before selecting size, you need to measure both feet. If you get two different measurements then it is best to choose the bigger size.

Golf shoes need to aid stability and so it needs to feel secure on your feet and it should also give your feet room to breathe.

Thick socks can give added comfort when golfing. If you are trying on potential shoes, it is a good idea to wear the socks that you will most likely wear when you are golfing. To learn more on how to choose the right golf shoes, you can visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/golf/.

It is also important to consider style. You should choose a style that you are comfortable wearing. The options you have today to pick from include the traditional and the athletic. The traditional golf shoes are made from leather and a very durable. However these leather shoes lack breathability and flexibility. On the other hand, athletic golf shoes can come spiked and without, and they are lightweight and are very flexible. There are many styles of athletic golf shoes, even sandals for the casual golfer.

A higher prices golf shoes do not necessarily mean it is the best or better for you. Great deals on golf shoes can be found online throughout the golf season. Simply stick with your budget and look for good deals on different sites. Click here for more info!

Golf shoes that offer a waterproof element are good to buy. If the ground is wet, you wouldn’t want to walk the course with wet feet. There are many golfing manufacturers that will offer 100% guaranteed waterproofed shoes for 12 months. This means that if your shoes leak water within that period, you can swap them for another pair. This has happened to many golfers. Make sure to check out what the company offers.

It may be a difficult task for a beginner to choose the correct golf shoes. You can ask the experts to help you chose the best golf shoes for you, read the review here!


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